Thursday, November 03, 2005

help me get an ipod

hehehehe .. i noe this shit sounds funny .. oh ya

to everyone who loves ipods....

dear bros and sises(<--sisters) am in an urgent need for an ipod ... please donate (ONLY $0.01) ya .. ONE PENNY ONE BY ONE .. to help me buy an ipod .. u would see ppl asking for a dollar .. all i want is one penny no more from each one of you to help me pay for this damned ipod nano... u owe me nothing and u most prolly dun no who d f i am .. but anyways .. maybe i can find couple o nice ppl online 2 help me through this hellish trouble!

my friend's post

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be nice and visit my friend's website .. musicziner .. F U Bill .

no clue what to title this post

hey yo i guess i haven't said a single word for so long .. am keepin thus thing like a diary, ama post some of my school work right here , i'm doin a media arts course which is really killing me. recently, ma whole stupid life is al bout chillin in school .. comin bak home .. do all ma work .. an d then stay long @ nite for some stupid project that takes forever ..

sometimes teachers are obsessed with giving out shitty projects, ya i dun get it and i dun care if u don't either

i got couple of emails from ppl who took a sec 2 stare at this messed web page, site or watever u call it.. whats wrong wit u ppl can't u just go download some free music and zip ur mouth? i dun care what u wanna say and i dun wann talk 2 none right now..

i think i forgot 2 tell u bout somethin ..

yesterday .. i lend some gurl a loonie hopin that shes gonna pay it back .. u noe wat happened 2day?

she pretended that she can't hear me and she just popped off... slut called fahima

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Back 2 School Chillin

Hey All, if any!

i dunno i just dun feel like living .. i'm back to my damn school here in Beaver land (haha .. i think ur smart enuf 2 noe what dat is, eh..)

seriously, it's gettin chilly cuz i'm gonna see The Exorcism of Emily Rose, again! it feels so fucking good 2 spend 10 bux on some whore that goes nuts cuz of the devil...

it's thanxgiving .. dear god , i'm thankful for having 2 best friends ( and i'm not jokin' or being sarcastic this time, lord )

i'm not in love with blogging so fawk this whole thing for now . lemme get some sleep

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